Erwin K. Bauer is an educated agriculturist and communication designer. He studied type and editorial design at University of Applied Arts in Vienna and worked as designer at Total Identity, Amsterdam afterwards. Subsequently he founded the interdisciplinary communication design studio "bauer – konzept & gestaltung" in Vienna, where he concetrates on corporate identity, culture, exhibition and orientation design as well as wine and fine food and design research.

Since 1993 he teaches concept of visual communication and design management at University of Applied Arts in Vienna and gives lectures at other universities (amongst others Merz Academy Stuttgart, Danube University Krems, Academy of Art and Design Offenbach, Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig, EMZIN Ljubljana, Tsinghua University Bejing). Publishing reference books, curating activities in juries as well as being author of several texts about actual graphic and design themes emphasize the importance of the reflection in his design work.

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