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Finding suspects through the creation of an identikit picture is an old method, which, in the context of realistic Image-generation with actual computers has reached a new dimension. The personality of a person is traced from different type-modules of eyes, mouthes, noses and face models. the vague memory of an eyewitness will become a precise person. This new virtual person will be directly inserted into a world wide databank of countless files. it is possible,that the same profile be generated from different variants. Different identities can occur. Identikit pictures can also look like innocent,honnest people. Bored people in some cases recognize their respectable neighbours. Normally the suspected people have a match in the wanted lists of the BKA, the FBI, The CIA or the MI6. In the end, the guilty person is "normally" found. ''Mr .J.Smith'' is also an intriguing game of build-yourself-a-suspect, with faceparts here taking the place of letters allowing us to build with every image, a new character and a new face.

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