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Mountain Italic

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Design: Dan Reynolds
Mountain Italic

Mountain Italic - Info

''Moutain'' is a digital revival and an extension of Teutonia, an old Type from the Offenbacher Roos &Junge Typefoundry from 1902. In the same period as Art Nouveau and Constructivism, similar designs and forms where published all over Europe, in the soviet union amongst others places. Even though this font dissapeared in the 30s/40s, its is still contemporary. ''Moutain´s'' geometrical aspect recalls a pixel and grid system. Therefore, the font is suited for music and Art aswell as historical uses. But dont look away yet! this font is not as static as it seems; some playful diagonals, like the big D, L, P or W bring new life to the strict horizontal and vertical movement. ''Teutonia'' was originally an easy fancy type only with big and small characters. ''Moutain'' adds small capitals and italic.

Teutonia was a simple upper and lowercase display type. Mountain adds upon these by adding small caps and obliqued italic companions, rounding out this typographic toolkit.

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