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Design: Anna Cairns

Acron - Info

Inspired by American sign painting, Acron is a dynamic brush typeface intended for bold usage in large sizes. The shapes were developed entirely by hand using brush and ink. The angle and radius described by the movements of hand and wrist, together with the tools used, define the angle, curve and direction of each stroke. The characteristic stroke is created by pressing the brush down firmly at the beginning of each stroke, so that the width of the stroke corresponds to the brush hair's length from tip to stem. This leads to interesting details where strokes meet and curve, and an overall dynamic type face.

Each glyph was digitized individually to maintain the irregularities that result in the fonts lively character. During this process the corners were sharpened to give it a more vigorous and active personality. Acron is an all caps typeface, with each glyph pair (Aa) being composed of distinguishable shapes.

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