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''Brüll'' is the answer to the book ''Can you shout?'' from Andre Rösler (illustration/Design) and Karin Koch (Author), published by the Peter Hammler (ISBN 3-87294-937-3). ''Brüll'' is a Handrawed font, with corresponding cool Icons and drawings. The book itself is a must-buy.'' ''can you shout?'' asked the parrot to the frog and he gave directly a taste of the strenght of his voice , that left the frog´s hair stand out on ends, if he had any, that is! by the way? how do the others shout? better? louder? or maybe just differently? monkeys, wolfs, cows, all of them are surprised of their abilities. But everyone that wants isn´t necessarily able to. Some, who cannot shout, can master something else very well. '' I can bounce'' says the frog who starts boucing around...

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