Sample für C64
Specimen für C64


Design: Boris Kahl

C64 - Info

Original font of the Commodore 64. The Commodore 64 was the most-sold personal computer of all time. From 1982 between 17 and 22 million C64 where sold. It looked like a bread bin with push buttons and was connected to a television. The first 64ers had a tapedeck as memory storage (Datasette). Later came the ''Floppy'' disk. for years, the computer surfed on the software wave (for games firstly). At the end of the eighties, it belongs to the passt, but the diverse programs stayed on the market for a while. In 1994 ''Commodore'' went bankrupt, but it kept a strong community of fans. the C64 cannot die. At the end of times, when the world won´t exist anymore, only one message will remain: 38.911 BASIC BYTES FREE.

Font in use

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