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Synthica is the advanced version of a geometrically constructed typeface – designed for a thesis project in summer 2010 in Pforzheim. In the context of electronic music and the profound analysis of its parameters, this typeface is primarly based on a strict modular grid. Additionally, the ascender, descender and the x height had slightly been increased in order to even out a visual difference in size between the glyphs. The name „Synthica“ dervives from a basic principle in electronic sound synthesis. Sinus, triangle and square are some of the basic waveforms in the synthesizers’ oscillator section and were thus used as geometric modules for the grid. The modularity and geometry also derive from different structures of electronic music. The strong emphasis on diagonal lines creates a rhythmic typeface that connotates electronic music patterns with highly recognisable glyphs. The contrast between digital and analog is another basic idea of this typeface: while Synthica Outline has a more synthetic and fragile character, the filled version Synthica Black serves as the analog counterpart.

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