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Are we at war?

At last, it is finally possible to look as cool as a real hero. To feel like a soldier without really having to be one! very easy and joyfull. Standing out, in camouflage, but in the city and not on the battlefield. Camouflage is the name of a clothing style, firstly for military, and for a long time now available to the general public in many store. Clothes make the man? not really. Someone who wears camouflage is still no soldier. We are at war, but we would really prefer to hide went it goes off! hiding somewhere wearing an invisible cap. making everything indiscernable. Not taking part to all this. Not beeing there. Neither friend nor foe. Screaming for peace. Therefore, we elaborated the Patriot Font. A Font Kit to camouflage everything. A secret writing for the military and graphists, but please not for fashion designers....The application is very easy : first, you write the code, the message, the secret, ideally in three or four idientic sizes. then you colour the text with different colours. then you choose a section from the patriot kit: George, Osama, Saddam, Fidel, Slobodan or Comamder Robot. The camouflage is finished. Printable, designable, awesome! By the way : after the shift of the pieces to continents, the creation of borders and countries takes place. ''George'' is the base font for Europe, North and South americans countries. A camouflage model was deposited by the Nato with the help of the ''George'' Font; After all, a unified Europe also needs a standard Camouflage!

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