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Bounded on its western flanks by the Peru-Chile boarder, Tacora is the northernmost volcano in Chile and is the youngest and most southern of a twin system with Co. Chupiquina. It was catalogued by Casertano (1963) as one of the few active volcanoes in north Chile and is therefore included here (. Although extensively glaciated, Tacora retains a broad based symmetrical form rising from a base level of about 4,300 m to a summit elevation of 5,980 m. Above ~5,500 m the edifice is covered by snow, preventing detailed observations of the summit region, but Casertano (1963)
reported that a crater is situated about 300 m below the summit on the NW side. Several sets of moraines are well developed on the lower flanks of the volcano, particularly on the southern and eastern flanks. The earliest of
 these (M1) appears to have been left by a continuous sheet of ice extending to below 4,500 m , and terminating roughly parallel with the present Uchusuma Canal . On the south west flank of the volcano two prominent glacial valleys with prominent lateral moraines cut these and culminate at about 4,400 m.

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