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Mrs. TapeTape

Design: Lars Harmsen
Mrs. TapeTape

Mrs. TapeTape - Info

Scripts and fonts do not necessarely have to be developped on a computer but can also have complete other origins. As the name''TapeType'' indicates,the set of fonts and images for the introduction page from the ''Useless Magazine'' (early 2007) was designed exclusively with tape. The '' Useless Magazine'' comes out twice a year , right on time for the ISPO (Sport article and sport fashion fair in Munich). Under the supervision of Creative Director Lars Harmsen (Finest/Magma Brand design in Karlsruhe & Starshot in Munich), the Starshot Photo-factory was in two days literally taped-over! angles and corners, stairs and ledges as well as the walls and the floor where covered in letterwriting which conferred to the location a distinctive poster-like look. Furthermore, it was interesting to experiment taping some characters just to define outlines. Those where ,accordingly to the desired material, chunky or airy. In some places, whole words or phrases where directly taped, in others, only one letter was placed, that would later be digitalised into a font. The project was supported by Henkel with the Pattex Power tape.

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