In 1996 VolcanoType has been founded as an independent type foundry by design studio MAGMA. They began releasing fonts during the era when David Carson, Emigre and Neville Brody were breaking borders and redefining the landscape of typefaces. The label's early type designs were created with Ikarus, these rough, dirty and organic fonts excelled in projects for record companies and sportswear brands. Around the millenium a series of bastard fonts followed, combining and crushing origins, reaching new limits.

In 2004 MAGMA began publishing Slanted Magazine and Slanted Weblog as analytical platforms for contemporary Typography and Graphic Design. Both showcase the creative processes familiar to individual type foundries and design studios from around the globe, including the depth and physicality of fonts from the VolcanoType collection.

Today, VolcanoType develops a strong presence beyond its wild, experimental youth and wears a more eclectic identity between kashmir and Bach, loving to play it loud yet also able to comfortably slip into a more quiet tonality. In other words, VolcanoType has reached distant shores by publishing elaborate font families like Matryoshka or Telegramo, without denying its origins in explosive headliners. Since 2014 VolcanoType is part of the independent publishing house Slanted Publishers which is run by Julia Kahl and Lars Harmsen.

c/o Slanted Publishers
Nebeniusstrasse 10
76137 Karlsruhe
Tel: +49 721 85148268

Contact person: Julia Kahl

Amtsgericht Mannheim, HRB 719864
Finanzamt Karlsruhe Stadt
Steuernummer: 35008/15125
Umsatzsteuer ID: DE295329244

Concept & website design: Peter Brugger & Tobias Koch

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